Kanakos appointed following skills analysis

Earlier today, we reported former provincial Liberal candidate Jeannie Kanakos had been appointed to the board of directors of the BC Land Title and Survey Authority. In an email, the board's business development and communications vice president clarified how that appointment came about. According to Liza Aboud, the province suggested three names to fill that position - including Ms. Kanakas. After that, "the board, along with an independent consultant, conducted a comprehensive skills analysis to select the successful nominee. It was determined that Ms. Kanakos has the right blend of experience and education to contribute to the governance of the LTSA." Ms. Aboud also stated the authority is an independent agency.


Let's see. We have a supposed independent agency getting to choose from a list of three people recommended by the governing party. Methinks the independence of this body has been compromised.

When Ms. Aboud states BCLTSA is independent, I wonder if she means that, as a corporation established under the Land Title and Survey Authority Act, it is independent of public accountability and FOI?

Merely saying something doesn't make it true.

Since when are positions filled in this manner?

Totally indefensible.

This stinks to high heaven.

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