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Public Eye will be holding its first accountability session later this month and you're invited. As you know, we're committed to providing independent, investigative coverage of headlining stories before they become headlines. But we also believe you should have an opportunity to question and comment on that coverage in-person. So please join us for drinks on the evening of April 28 at 7:00. Just send a RSVP by April 23 so we can book an appropriate venue in Victoria. And, if you haven't already done so, please consider making a $10 monthly contribution to Public Eye by clicking on the bar below. Because we can't continue breaking the news that matters to you without your support. You can stop supporting Public Eye at any time by following this link.)


Sorry I can't make it... but I'm sure some of the people who'd go would be horrified to see a 28-year-old Prince of Polakmania* who makes life hell for the BCNDP online at a nonpartisan political geek event.

I think Public Eye Online does NOT need to be held accountable. Unlike Joe Easingwood, BTW.


*Prince of Darkness was already taken

Sean you are doing an excellent job and I agree with Josef that you do not need to be held accountable. I believe however that it's probably time for Bloggers to come together and discuss some form of association with an emphasis on ethical standards before the far out Blogger casts a doubt in the public's view.
I also agree with the comment about Joe Easingwood who in my opinion should retire completely. As an ex radio broadcaster I can tell you that he has lost his knowledge of current affairs and relies too much on the handful of callers to tell the old boy how much they appreciate him.
Keep up the first class work you do & I will continue to recommend your site.

Is there a drink limit?


I'm on the wrong side of the pond for such an affair. I need to watch my expenditures in order to contribute to your site each month and pay for the increases I will be facing once the HST is foisted upon us.

Sean, just keep on doing what you are doing and you will continue to scoop the MSM hands down. Ever since I came upon your site, I've been blown away by your ability to hold all the politicians to account when need be regardless of which party they may represent. It also seems that some of the MSM are now looking to your site for information and ideas which is just another feather in your cap.

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