Offences allegedly involve Heed's campaign office

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has announced they are investigating Elections Act offences that allegedly involve the campaign office of now former solicitor general Kash Heed. "One aspect of this investigation involves election advertising and financing relating to the May 2009 election campaign," the RCMP stated in a news release. "This investigation is the result of a complaint made to the Chief Electoral Officer of BC" that was referred to the the police in June 2009. Mr. Heed, who stepped down as the province's top cop today, said he did nothing wrong and is not the direct target of the investigation. The RCMP will be submitting a report to Crown counsel prior to the one year expiration of the statute of limitations on those alleged offences. The police will be releasing no further details to protect the integrity of their investigation.


You know you live in BC when this story barely raises an eyebrow.

Same old, same old.

Why the "big-Change"...?

The Cambell Liberals have been investigated
by the RCMP before ,

and nobody resigned...!

So what's up with this ...?

Why the Big-Change...?

---- ted...

if what's illeged is true ,
then that helps explane why Cambell's Liberals got re-elected...

so let's foget "Black-Box-Voting" ,
or US-supream-court decissions

these guys have figured-out something new...



( gov "by Hook or by Crook"...? )

now that's "Dem-Mockery" at it's finest ...!

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