De Jong succeeds Heed; RCMP to speak at 5:00

As we earlier reported, Kash Heed has stepped down as solicitor general amidst an Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigation into "alleged Elections Act violations" connected to a 2009 campaign in his riding. Provincial Liberal House Leader and Attorney General Mike de Jong has been tapped as his acting replacement. Meanwhile, RCMP spokesperson Tim Shields is scheduled to speak to the media at 5:00 at E-Division headquarters. Mr. Heed has said he did nothing wrong and is not the direct target of the RCMP's investigation. A special prosecutor has been appointed as part of that investigation. The following is a complete copy of the statement announcing Mr. Heed's successor.


For Immediate Release


April 9, 2010
Office of the Premier


VANCOUVER - Premier Gordon Campbell today announced the interim appointment of Attorney General Michael de Jong as acting Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

For the duration of the interim appointment, de Jong will continue to hold the office of Attorney General.


Bridgitte Anderson
Press Secretary
Office of the Premier


This is a very dangerous concentration of power. When I'm saying it... I know I have your attention.

Okay, now that I have one chance to inform you, here goes: You now have a very partisan, well skilled House Leader who also is the Attorney General who is supposed to be nonpartisan and run the courts + the lobbyist registry and provide legal advice & representation to the government. Now we also have the first responder responsibilities of law enforcement in the Solicitor General ministry also under this Charger's responsibility list as a Minister of the Crown.

Too much power, methinks. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Minister de Jong, be a tough guy and set some of this down... I'm sure Minister Polak would love to be House Leader. Or some backbencher...

Good point Josef K. I had forgotten that MDJ was house leader as well as AG. With the SG gig that makes a 3 peat for Mikey.

I don't see anything particularly sinister about this member's increased responsibilities--more likely the Gordonator is running out of barely competent guys or gals to put in positions of responsibility--whatever you think of MP--in the circumstances, Gordonator has to appoint either an ex-cop or lawyer to be acting SG. Maybe MP should take over house leader responsibilities.

Campbell's biggest problem is finding BC Liberal MLAs that are not under investigation by the policia. He may soon have to dip into the minor leagues and borrow some talent from the other side of the house.

Seriously though, they say things come in threes, so maybe Mr. DE Jong can actually keep himself and this ministry out of the crosshairs of the RCMP. Plan "b" would be to have this ministry exorcised.

On a more serious note, has there ever been another political party federal or provincial that has been able to attract the investigations of the RCMP as the Gordon Campbell led BC Liberal party. At the rate things are going, our provincial government may soon have to hold their caucas meetings at the crowbar hotel.

Annie | April 9, 2010 8:23 PM | Reply

On Mary Polak as House Leader, we're agreed. Frankly, I agree w/ 90% of what you're saying. Mary's more than competent to be Premier.

Crankypants | April 10, 2010 12:11 AM | Reply

RCMP investigations are just that, RCMP investigations. Even Mary Polak was investigated by whiny lefties over backing a few trustees in her riding in Fall of '08. When there's a collar by a copper and an arraignment hearing, we'll see...

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