RCMP asked about "negative stuff that was out there..."

One of Kash Heed former election workers has told Public Eye the Royal Canadian Mounted Police interviewed him about "some advertising...Just the negative stuff that was out there during the campaign that was in the newspapers." In an exclusive interview, the worker said that conversation took place "a few months ago." Today, in a written statement, the former West Vancouver police chief announced he was stepping down as solicitor general amidst an RCMP investigation into "alleged Elections Act violations" connected to a 2009 campaign in his riding. The former solicitor general has said he is "confident that I have done nothing wrong." The Vancouver Sun is also paraphrasing him as stating the RCMP investigation is not targeting him directly. Mr. Heed learned on Wednesday a special prosecutor has been appointed as part of that investigation.

Today, Mr. Heed announced he was stepping aside as solicitor general after learning. a special prosecutor had been appointed as part of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigation into "alleged Elections Act violations" connected to a 2009 provincial election campaign in his riding.

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