Hobby horse

Rick Mowles is the chief executive officer of Community Living British Columbia. But even though he's head of a major Crown corporation, he still has time for a very serious hobby. As we reported four years ago, he's also a player in the sport of kings - presently serving as Harness Racing BC's secretary-treasurer. And he's also the "powerful" co-owner of JJJ Stables. At least, that's how he's been billed in this television profile.


Listen, before any of you nay-sayers get started, I just want to say that the “…BCLibs are NOT morally corrupt and they actually stand for something”…in fact, “There's a lot of people who'd like to raise a toast and toss a bouquet to Mary Polak, Gordon Campbell and the BCLib team.”

That being said, I see no conflict of interest here… just as I see that there was no conflict of interest when Western Forest Products hired Coleman’s brother!

Obviously, this "Joseff Redux" is not the Josef that Public Eye regulars know. I'm actually him and like hmmm... this smells.

Smells like Stadiumgate is around the first bend and beating Credibility by two horselengths! Behind Credibility is Campbell by three but wait, wait that Langley horse is racing ahead... it's Polakitis racing up from behind drafting behind PublicHorsEye!!!


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