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Remember last year when we reported the provincial government has splashed out almost half-a-million dollars to host business leaders and foreign dignitaries at the Terminal City Club during the length of the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games? Well, it seems our inquiries about that controversial deal - which dated back to July 2009 - created quite a bit of paperwork for the government's spin doctors. The following are copies of issues notes prepared to help the minister responsible, Naomi Yamamoto, respond to media questions about the issue.


I love the notation "if pressed".

"The Victoria Web Log Editor". Nice. People don't know who Public Eye Online is. What next?!?

Pierrette, cool name dear. Shame you can't get the name right so let me help... It's:

"Holman, Sean Holman. Editor, Public Eye Online."

That's who's asking for the records Pierrette. Just turn 'em over and carry on.

Oh and one other thing... Minister briefing notes should be openly disclosed. They're just talking points.

The April 2010 newsletter of the Terminal City Club clearly indicates the financial difficulties the club has been experiencing over the past year or so. TCC President, Sid Fattedad states to his club members;

"I am pleased to inform you that the club's financial condition took a decided turn for
the better with results for the five months to the end of February better than plan by
$178,000. Significantly better than expected volumes of business in the Pub and in
Functions during the Olympics contributed for the most part to the favourable
variance. Compared to the same period last year, the club's operating
loss of $203,000 was $509,000 lower than the loss of $712,000 last year".

The justification document does not address who made the decision to utilize the, non-tendered, services of the TCC during the Olympics. Any bets on if it was a member of the club who suggested the idea? Perhaps the concept arose over a cup of tea in the TCC pub. Perhaps someone could take a look at the membership list and see who has the connections to influence the right folks to help out the ol' club during some financial hardship.

It was nice to see that Mr. Fattedad and his board of directors also waited until after the Olympics to raise the prices for the food services. Maybe saved the province several thousands of dollars.

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