Intimacy problems?

In February, we reported the provincial Liberals were spending $150,000 a month servicing their debt - with $30,000 going toward interest payments and the remainder being mandatory payments on the principle. So how is the party chipping away at that principle, which has been pegged at "exactly $6.5 million" by former 24 hours columnist Alex Tsakumis. Well, our understanding is there's been an increased focus on smaller, more intimate fundraisers with higher ticket prices - $1,000 or more.


That's a mistake BCLib HQ. There's a lot of people who'd like to raise a toast and toss a bouquet to Mary Polak, Gordon Campbell and the BCLib team.

What to do with a "morally" bank-rupted party...?

Oh, I know

get Carol-Taylor involved some-how...!



preimier ...? or how ever you spell it ...!!!!!


it all means the same thing ...


BCLibs are NOT morally corrupt and they actually stand for something - you can't say that about the NDP on the HST after today, after Carole James won't pledge to repeal it while her Nova Scotia brothers and sisters raise the same HST. These BCLibs are NOT the "Barbarians in the Garden City" (by Mark Milke). No, the BCLibs are the businesspeople, the farmers, the miners, a few political aces (e.g. Polak, Campbell) and at least one Cincinnatus in Judith Reid who melted away from the shellfish farms to Victoria, saved BC Ferries from disaster so Kevin Falcon the political brat could play with his new German toys, sold BCRail to save rural rail, and now has melted away into the crowd after writing a political strategy book.

I'd say Gordon Campbell was a Cincinnatus, but he's a career politician. I think Mary Polak's became one too - not that that's a bad thing.

Yes, Stadiumgate has happened. Thank G*d Sean Holman is on the case. He's Keeping BC Strong a lot more than 40-45 BCLib MLAs who are just boring holes in the sky.

There are some things worth fighting for at all times. Time BCLib HQ remembered and them MLAs boring holes in the sky waiting for the pension clock to ring "ka-ching" what those things were, are and remain. Try liberty, truth, justice and courage. Don't expect to find those qualities in Carole James or those meek enough to tolerate a failed leader who had two shots to make the Premiership, not to mention make the BCNDP make sense Tim!

"Liberty, truth, justice and courage" are not words I think of when I consider BC Liberal suppression of election advertising, Campbell's "culture of deceit" regarding the HST and other things he was "not considering" before the election, Coleman's TFL land giveaway and the Campbell government's failure to consult with the public on so many important issues including the rights of strata owners. However, I do think of words like "morally bank-rupted party" as used by Josef.

advocate | April 7, 2010 12:50 PM | Reply

The Finance Minister changed his mind on the HST after the debt bottomed out the "optimist budget".

I never called the BCLibs morally bankrupt, that was Ted. There is always Mary Polak. Always.

I stand behind my comments.

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