The provincial Liberals have set a date for their annual Dinner Under the Sails fundraiser: June 10. The last time the party held the dinner was during the election campaign, on April 20, 2009. According to Elections British Columbia, the Liberals netted $329,501.76 from that fundraiser.


Perhaps the BCLibs need to run some low budget ads for now... in fact I hear Question Period is a great opportunity to make great ads. Just check out BCLibFan's "Get Polak'd" playlist for some ideas... and I'd just fast-forward past the BCNDP talking head. It's so low budget it uses computer game clips from the late 1990s... and I think PowerPoint graphics as well.

Or perhaps the BCLibs will wait until six months before the election to campaign... I hope not.

That may be the ideal date for the "Big one" to hit the west coast. We could get rid of the whole lot and their bagmen in one fell swoop.

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