What would Fred and Martha say?

Last month, we exclusively told you the provincial government would be proceeding with construction of a $404 million northwest transmission line even though it hasn't secured a private sector partner to help finance the project. But would that be happening if Richard Neufeld was still British Columbia's energy, mines and petroleum resources minister? After all, in July 8, 2008, the Terrace Standard paraphrased Mr. Neufeld as stating the government wouldn't proceed with that line unless one or more mining companies had a project ready to go and money on the table. "What would Fred and Martha say to the government if it wanted to spend $400 million on a line and there's nothing there. Are there any projects? We had one and that was Galore Creek," he said, referencing NovaGold Resources Inc. and Teck Resources Ltd.'s proposed gold-copper mine - which was suspended in November 2007. Fancy that!

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