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Last week, T. Richard Turner's office manager at TitanStar Capital Corp. advised us he was "not available" to comment on his business relationship with Paragon Gaming Inc. because the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia chair would be occupied with "full day board meetings" until Friday. But he did clear his schedule to speak with The Vancouver Sun's Jonathan Fowlie on Thursday to say that he wasn't trying to "influence any decision" when he phoned Tourism, Culture and the Arts Minister Kevin Krueger about BC Place's over-budget retractable roof.

During estimates debate, the minister said Mr. Turner told him the lack of such a roof would be deal breaker for Paragon Gaming, which recently inked a deal to build an entertainment complex near the stadium. But the former British Columbia Lottery Corp. disputed that statement, telling Mr. Fowlie, "What I recall saying is . . . if the roof doesn't go ahead, that's fine, but we can't build what we said we'd build in the bid because we're counting on synergies between BC Place as renovated and the new development." Mr. Turner has still not responded to our repeated requests for an interview.


Sean, people don't talk to you because they know you kick butt. It's very likely some leaks were done in the bureaucracy to Paragon, industrial intel and all of that.

Sean, people don't talk to you because they know you kick butt. It's very likely some leaks were done in the bureaucracy to Paragon, industrial intel and all of that.

Very interesting, this....

I suppose it is possible that Mr. Holman is not viewed as a potential 'friendly'.

However, there are other possiblilites as well, including an potential 'innoculation' strategy once the PublicEye video was posted wherein the voice of a well known VSun staffer that is almost certainly not that of Mr. Fowlie can be heard....

My more expanded thoughts on this matter, for anyone interested, can be found in the postscript to this post.


Several years ago I remember reading I F Stone, one of the most respected journalists in the US. He said he would not interview politicians because they always lied. When he wrote, he analyzed what they did , not what they said. He wrote a successful independent newspaper called the IF Stone Weekly.
Too many of our journalists just repeat what politicians tell them. The journalists think they are great because they have close contact with the politicians in power and they don’t realize they are being used to spread the politicians’ propaganda.
They could ask them the right questions, but they should do an honest and rigorous analysis of what they have been told.


Excellent point.

It is also worth mentioning, however, that Izzy Stone actually managed to make his 'Weekly' go due to numerous subscriptions/donations from his readers.

Clearly, if we, the readers of Public Eye want to keep learning what is actually going on and what politicians and their appointees are actually doing, not just saying, in this province we have to support Mr. Holman in a similar fashion.


Touche, RossK. The alternative is well... undemocratic.

Perhaps some blokes need to read up on Heather "Newsbrooke" Brooke. I met her last January, she's the ace who forced 150 MPs in Britain to retire in a few months over expenses... and is still crusading to save British democracy.

I have no doubt Sean Holman is just about to turn the Rockpile into the Alamo of the Northwest for democracy... the Dear Premier has slowly forgotten he was supposed to bring in not just a glorious New Era but a New Era of Accountability.

This has "the cheque is in the mail" ruse written all over it. It's not what you know anymore but who you know if you want to fill your jeans with the taxpayers coin. Unfortunately these types of situations tend to help fill the coffers of the political party that is in power as well also at the expense of joe sixpack.

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