Krueger won't discuss cabinet after discussing cabinet

Yesterday, during estimates debate, the province's tourism minister said T. Richard Turner told him the lack of a retractable roof for BC Place could be a "deal breaker" for Paragon Gaming Inc., which has signed a 70-year lease agreement with PavCo to develop a new entertainment complex near the stadium. Speaking with reporters today, Kevin Krueger stated he was already aware of Paragon's position before he received that call last year from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia's chair. He also said Mr. Turner, who has a longstanding business relationship Paragon Gaming, didn't change his opinion on the retractable roof - which at that time had exceeded its original cost estimate.

Under earlier questioning by New Democrat critic Spencer Herbert, Minister Krueger revealed cabinet "revisited" its decision to proceed with that roofing project after learning about the overrun. But he refused to tell reporters whether Mr. Turner's call came before or after that happened, stating, "you know I don't comment on what is done in cabinet when."


Based on Minister Krueger's comments, regardless whether he found out about Paragon's position that a lack of a retractable roof could be a deal breaker from the Mr. Turner or Paragon itself, does this not mean that we, the people of British Columbia, are actually, in point of fact, subsidizing the private business of a Las Vegas Casino Corporation to the tune of $485 million?

(and I would remind folks that the 'But we need that roof to get bring the MLS to town!' argument does not wash given that the ENTIRE cost of BMO field in Toronto was less considerably than $100 million).



Now I know why people think Kevin Krueger is no smartypants. I don't know why he's in cabinet.

Perhaps Stephanie Cadieux or John Rustad could take over his portfolio... like tonight. He's not fit to sit in a cabinet with such bright leading lights like Gordon Campbell, Kevin Falcon, Iain Black, Naomi Yamamoto, Shirley Bond, Colin Hansen, Blair Lekstrom, Rich Coleman and yes, absolutely, you betcha Mary Polak. Perhaps his purpose is to be a target barge and flak jacket for the heavies (e.g. Falcon, Polak, Hansen and Campbell) and in that case, I take pity on this Kevin.

Kreuger is dumb as a bag of hammers, but he pulls in a good salary and perks. he gets the pay because he blindly follows Gordo and usually looks stupid doing so. But don't take pity on him Josef or he will offer to pray for you. Take pity of the folks who keep electing him

Avoter, for once I will take your counsel :-).

Kreuger isn't the only one not fit to sit in cabinet. There is a room full of them. Most of them can't even answer a simple question from a reporter without a dour looking chaperone looking over their shoulders.

I heard on CKNW they're crediting Public Eye Online w/ the intercept of Kevin Krapper (sp?). YEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!

Way to go, Sean!!!!!


Oh and...

It's time for a leadership spill in the BCLib Caucus Room. Dump Gord. Hire Mary. Enuf said.

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