Knowing is half the battle

Today, as he was heading into caucus, Barry Penner took a question from the Times Colonist's Les Leyne about the University of Victoria's rabbit overpopulation problem. But the minister didn't just respond to that question. He used it as an opportunity to "send a public service message" about the risks of adopting bunnies during Easter. And, since Public Eye had the only video camera in that scrum, we felt compelled to help the minister get that message out.

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Maybey someone should remind the Minister not to have a bunch of candels in the house, where the family cat can catch itself on fire. Maybe the SPCA should go give him a talk. But back to rabbits, nobody seems ready to do the right think and have a massive cull at UVic. The idea of adopting them out after neutering them didn't get very far. Maybe they should talk to the folks over at The Victoria general which used to have a massive number of them and now suddenly, not a rabbit in sight.

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