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British Columbia Lottery Corp. wants to keep its cards even closer to its chest. The Crown corporation is recommending dramatic legal changes that would make it even more difficult for British Columbians to find out its secrets. Under the province's existing freedom of information legislation, BCLC can refuse to release information that could result that would result in "undue financial loss or gain" for a third party. But the corporation, in a submission to the committee reviewing that legislation, argues there "should be a broader acceptance of its records having potential commercial value" because it operates in a business environment where competitors in other jurisdiction may not be subject to freedom of information requests. As a result, it wants to be able to refuse to release information could result in "any financial loss or gain" for a third party.

The corporation is also asking for the power to impede those who file a "large or complex volume of requests....over a short time frame." And it no longer wants to be required to disclose its policy manuals to whoever asks for them - regardless of whether they've filed a freedom of information request. The following is a complete copy of that submission.

British Columbia Lottery Corp. freedom of information submission

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I urge everyone to read this document, if you can't muster the stamina to wade through the whole thing, there is a summary at the end.

They are trying to set new precedents to further limit the amounts of information available via FOI requests. Is swearing allowed on this site, because I have a few choice words for the writers of that document. I am spitting mad.

Aside from the outlandish recommendations I was struck repeatedly by how this entire request is due to the government operating in the private sector, as a 'business' to generate income. I see the need for legalized regulated gaming, but for heavens sakes should the BC Government be running lotteries and casinos? If it's that competitive maybe this is something the government should only be providing oversight and regulation for, and not as an operator. With the profits/taxes used to counsel people addicted to gambling.

YOU can submit your opinion to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner - address is on the letterhead in the doc above.

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