Falcon hunting

Earlier, we reported on Kevin Falcon record of giving key board appointments his friend and ally Chris Gardner. First, it was the B.C. Ferry Authority and now it's the Fraser Health Authority. So what makes Mr. Gardner so indispensable? Isn't this little more than political patronage? Those are the questions we had for the minister as he made his way into this today's government caucus meeting.


What nonsense. It's patronage, pure and simple.

I admire Kevin for his candor. I'm not ready to scream patronage.

Just how does a law degree and a business background prepare one for the health care system? I can see how being a friend of Kevin Falcon's make you a great choice in Kevin Falcon's world but a health care leader, not so much. Reminds me of a fellow who came to the aid of a youngster who had broken his ankle on an outdoor basketball court. The man called out "Maybe I can help? The boy's mum said "Are you a doctor?" and the man replied "No but I am a lawyer". True story - sigh, is there anything a lawyer doesn't feel competent to do?

There is no doubt that Falcon believes his friend to be qualified. We're left to wonder though, qualified for what? Is this transportation/investment banking/healthcare expert going to be useful in privatizing the BC Ambulance fleet? I hear rumors that Onex wants to see a fleet marked AMR in the larger centers of BC. Purely for efficiency and cost reduction of course.

A background in banking and he knows his way around Surrey. Hmmmm....

A) What does banking have to do with health care? and B) How does this set Mr Gardner apart from hundreds of thousands of other Fraser Valley residents who also know their way around the 'hood?

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