I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go

In 2008, the Campbell administration appointed Chris Gardner, then transportation minister Kevin Falcon's friend and political ally, to the B.C. Ferry Authority. Two years later, Mr. Falcon is British Columbia's health services minister. So it should come as no surprise that, on March 21, Mr. Gardner - executive vice-president of The Britco Group of Companies - was named to the Fraser Health Authority's board of directors!


The health authorities have become bloated, inefficient and dysfunctional. A perfect dumping ground for Liberal patronage appointments like this.

I'd not be too hard on Kevin Falcon. He needs wingmen and wingwomen after all to prosecute.

After all, let's remember that Kevin Falcon's Obamaicon is a tribute to his candor. I'm sure somebody behind the scenes to assess the impacts of his outbursts and actions is necessary for him to govern as effectively as he does.

Thats sort of rich Josef. He doesn't govern anything. he is a mouthpiece for Gordo and his comments are there to redirect votes anger for whatever deal Gordo is hatching.
You must be slipping on this one as you couldn't squeeze in the woman you are usuallt shilling for.

Avoter, your comments are that of a punch drunk yahoo. I know you haven't studied BCLib political history. Perhaps somebody needs to tell you Kevin Falcon built a good political task force in Surrey, he also lent two linked hands to that leader I pine for (go ahead, Avoter, click on the link). Just last Sunday, I was reading the archives of this blogsite to flesh out my brief.

Sometimes it's best to remind people I'm not a one-issue/one-woman man. Avoter, you could do the same. After all, this is the playground of a New Era Journalist.

Supplemental to Avoter. Live-blogging kinda...

Mary Polak just lit the BCNDP on fire moments ago so much the Speaker had to step in. Because she wants to fund kids, not empty classrooms.

A few Qs later, BCNDP had to let the independent get her Q in. Nice going, BCNDP. Not like you couldn't have warned yourselves to give Mary wide berth...

Perhaps that explains this potential Polak 4 Premier poster...

Avoter, don't you find that any reply is just fuel for the fire? That is all.

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