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Last week, we reported the premier's deputy chief of staff for policy coordination and issues management had joined the bureaucracy, taking a job as the government's executive lead of Internet strategy. But what qualifies him for that position? That's what New Democrat citizens' services critic Doug Routley wanted to know yesterday during estimate debate. The response from the minister responsible, Ben Stewart: "First of all, Jay Schlosar has been in government as a member that was an order-in-council appointment and made a decision to apply for a position that was competed on by many other individuals - over a dozen. It was through a merit process that he was awarded that position."

"The issue that we face, as you can imagine, in business today is that technology is rapidly changing, and as such our Internet strategy continues to need to evolve and needed executive leadership," he continued. "From my experience, knowing Mr. Schlosar, he'll provide excellent leadership in that area under the supervision and reporting relationship with Assistant Deputy Minister Kevin Jardine."

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Uh... Did I really just read that?! Holy Smokes! He just admitted that the job was awarded to that person because HE knew this Jay person.

I'd sure be pissed off if I was one of those 'over a dozen' people that went to the trouble, effort, preparation and planning of applying and interviewing for a position that was already in the bag for ole Jay.

This is even more maddening when you realize that this 'leadership position' is nothing more than a PERMANENT FULL TIME POSITION TO REDESIGN A WEB SITE. For what the citizens of BC will be paying out in salary, benefits and pension for that position, we could have had a contract go out for a fraction of the accumulated costs, had the work done, and then had a handful of lower level (non executive) gov employees do the maintenance work on a part time / as needed basis as a part of their other similar duties. But ooooh no. Why pass up a chance to add yet AGAIN to the executive numbers?

oh and a little hint to Ben - orders in council are the ULTIMATE in patronage. They are nothing to be proud of, and certainly no indication of ability, skills, education or knowledge. Ben, you seem to the be only one that doesn't know this, otherwise you'd have never touted that as something in Jay's favour.

This is shameful, and a blatant violation of everything the Public Service Commission says they stand for.

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