Mayencourt to the rescue!

In August 2004, then Liberal MLA Lorne Mayencourt made headlines when he spent five days living on the streets of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. And now Mr. Mayencourt, who abandoned provincial politics to unsuccessfully run for the federal Conservatives in Vancouver Centre, is roughing it in an even tougher neighbourhood. On March 15, he arrived in the Dominican Republic on a personal mission to join the relief effort in Haiti.

"I was visiting my friend Sindi Hawkins, in Hawaii when the earthquake hit," Mr. Mayencourt explained on the blog he has setup to record his experiences in the disaster zone. "Like most of the world, I watched CNN and started thinking about what I could do to help. I've always found that helping people makes me feel good, more so than a donation of money its an intentional act of support. Don't get me wrong, money's good but I like to check things out, get involved, figure out what needs doing and then, do it."

According to his most recent posting, Mr. Mayencourt is presently in Port-au-Prince looking for a vehicle.

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Mayencourt tends to leap into these situations (DTES, Haiti), leaving himself open to ridicule (as did Svend Robinson in Israel).

But on the issue of homelessness due to drug addiction, he deserves great credit as the galvinizer of the Baldie Hughes Recovery Community near Prince George, BC.

While everyone else continues to blather on about homelessness, poverty, and drug addiction in the DTES, Mayencourt was instrumental in creating a voluntary, long-term, and drug-free recovery community hundreds of miles from the in-your-face temptations of the DTES

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