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The ministry of children and family development will be trimming less money from its budget for contracted social service agencies than first anticipated. We broke the story about that cutback in February. The ministry's political boss Mary Polak subsequently told The Vancouver Sun's Jonathan Fowlie it would amount to $10 million. But that cutback has since been whittled down to $7.4 million.

"For the last several months, the ministry has been involved in finalizing its budget and determining what the implications may be for our contract service providers," a ministry spokesperson explained. "As the process has unfolded, the ministry has been able to decrease its reduction target significantly - from $10 million to $7.4 million."

The spokesperson added the ministry continues to be "committed to doing everything possible to mitigate the impact on clients - and our priority is to protect critical front-line services."


Nick talked about the ministry in question period. according to Polak he was wrong on everything he said .She said nobody was losing anything and then the usual Liberal bit about more money. I tend to believe Nick as a guy who was in the social work field for quite awhile

Thanks Avoter. I checked YouTube, the exchange of Nick getting Polak'd is now up... with your typical BCLibFan effects.

I tend to believe Mary Polak, she is a good leader. I also like Nick... that is when he can get the program name right and therefore not get shot down.

Nick should be asking about new plan to reduce staff in MCFD.

Polak was at it again today, Thursday, bobbing and weaving as she attempted to convince the opposition just how well everything is going in the ministry she supposedly runs. Me thinks the lady is in a state of denial. But she either does what Gordo says, or it's the back bence, less money and perks

Avoter, I have a different view. It's from YouTube of this week's battles.

Mary Polak just has made damn sure this week the BCNDP got their "Get Polak'd" wish. Damn, Mary Polak is just cutting some fat and pointing out that the BCNDP can't claim anything's a priority when they vote against initiatives to "support our kids" (SOURCE - just one of several).

Perhaps if the BCNDP had a spine... policy... and something to contribute besides Mike Farnworth & Lana Popham British Columbia would have a two-party democracy. Perhaps.

Perhaps also if everybody would stop thinking Gordon Campbell is some G*d... BC and the world and the Premier would be better off. The Premier's just... well, Gordon Muir Campbell, great guy but a little outta touch. I'll stop there before I use my fav 3 words...

Polak's one man support team is at it again. Read Hansard to see the woman dancing on any subject brought to her in question period. Sorry Josef but your You Tube stuff is far less watchable than question Period.The woman will not ever be the Liberal leader so live with the reality

Avoter | March 26, 2010 7:30 AM | Reply

Good to hear from you. Yes, I watch QP - on iTunes Legislative Assembly of BC podcast. Mary Polak so rocks... she's not dancing around, she's dealing with reality.

Watching the BCNDP is like staring at the infamous painting of Edvard Munch's The Scream. It's kind of nice seeing their screams and slander getting turned to spare parts and smoke by an ace on YouTube.

As usual, this government never misses the opportunity to put the screws to those that can least defend themselves. Thus we have had the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for the past many years, gone from the highest minimum wage to the lowest in Canada in the past 9 years and sliced and diced anywhere else from programmes that may help the underprivileged in BC.

I guess it is much easier to take things away from those that are not likely to vote for you than it is to do so from those that will.

Anyone that argues that cuts just eliminate fat in the system are delusional. Sh*t runs downhill, and the cuts will only affect the ones that need the help.

It all boils down to priorities, and tax cuts for the well to do trumps help for the impoverished every time for our current government.

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