Weekly Wrap Up - March 12, 2010

This week, Public Eye exclusively revealed:

* illegal gaming on First Nations reserves "continues unabated and is highly visible," according to a 2008 internal government report obtained by Public Eye via a freedom of information request

* why Children and Family Development Minister Mary Polak supports her deputy's claim to having "never refused" to meet with the government's independent child protection watchdog. This, despite the fact the deputy recently rebuffed the watchdog's request for a briefing;

* the ministry of forests and range only has a rough, six-year-old estimate of what it would cost to clear or thin all of the wooded areas in British Columbia that, if left alone, could increase the chances or severity of a wildfire;

* the provincial New Democrats still have "$2 million in debt from the election" - although the party already "managed to pay off over $500,000" of that bill; and

* the Industry Training Authority "ambiguous" service plans goals.

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Thanks for a great week. Defending Her Maryesty is so much fun :-). Everybody should help chip in for PublicEyeOnline... nobody makes Mary Polak sound better than Sean :-)


Prez of Mary Polak Fan Club

as soon as the name Mary Polak comes up, her one person fan club pops up. We wonder if he is paid to support her or just some sort of a groupie?

Maybe what you should do, Sean, is find a word or phrase to substitute for "Mary Polak".

Decades ago Socred MLA Agnes Kripps proposed substituting the word "bolt" for the word "sex" so as to eliminate the embarrassing effect of the word "sex".

So how about you use the phrase "Mary had a little lamb" instead of "Mary Polak"?

josef-did u even really listen to the interview or were you too distracted by the misplaced hair? granted, she's a cutie.

Eleanor Gregory | March 13, 2010 8:26 PM | Reply

I read this blog daily for my news. You mind? Or is that your application for the BCNDP Caucus?!?

Ken | March 13, 2010 8:42 PM | Reply

I did listen, I liked it. Mary the Great set the kids straight. I was also making a joke.

You mates on the left, you guys just hate being challenged and held to account as if you're responsible. Where's that mysterious alternative budget that shows us what you'd do... but hey no plan, no action, that's the BCNDP for you except three months before election and then the business community shudders. No wonder you don't want to debate me - I come armed w/ fact and I challenge your positions. Sometimes I acknowledge when we agree, and sometimes I change my position.

You guys on the left also seem to despise somebody moderately on the right w/ a sense of humour, somebody who grew up loving the Air Farce and the BCLib classics of Gordon Campbell, Judith Reid, Christy Clark, Mike de Jong, Gary Farrell-Collins and the like. Those guys could debade and rock da rockpile. So as a new BCLib classic comes on the scene in Polak, you guys just wanna ruin it, eh? Well I've said before you want to start opposing the BCLibs - think like them, be pro-business, get a competent leader who isn't a punchline like Popham or Farnworth. No wonder you don't want to debate me...

Sean, please post this comment. It's important the left see how I think of them.

Josef over

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