Everyone makes mistakes

Yesterday, we reported Industry Training Authority chief executive officer Kevin Evans accidentally sent out an email in which he described the agency's goals as being "ambiguous" rather than ambitious. But, in a comment posted on Public Eye, Mr. Evans reported many stakeholders took that spelling mistake with a grain of salt. An example of the responses he's received: "I love your typo, and I am pleased to see that the ITA is capable of the sort of error I routinely make. But it is not as bad as an error at BCIT some years ago that went to press with the Director of Public Relations being identified as the Director of Pubic Relations."

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Wow-slow news week? 1 article on a typo is bad enough, but 2? gee-guess we should have this guy fired for it, I mean think of the lives that have been afffected by this. how evans sleeps at night i don't know.

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