Aide exits via information superhighway

In 2005, then ministerial aide Jay Schlosar came to the attention of Public Eye readers when we reported he was the sexiest man at the legislature - that, and the fact he was moving into the West Annex. Now, five years later, Mr. Schlosar - the premier's deputy chief of staff for policy coordination and issues management - is moving out. He's taken a job as the executive lead of Internet strategy in the ministry of citizens' services.


Executive Lead of Internet Strategy?!?!?

What the...

Does anyone have a job description please?

Gah. Okay, I bit the bullet and visited the bc gov job site, as usual it turns my stomach with it's drivel... Banner from the site: COURAGE TEAMWORK CURIOSITY PASSION SERVICE ACCOUNTABILITY

Here's the link to the full description:

This portion of it says it all. They're redesigning the government web site and need a new FULL TIME PERMANENT EXECUTIVE position to do it. Poppycock. If anyone wants me to translate the job description into english, just ask.

... oh and 'findability'? head:desk

Position and Program

The Ministry of Citizens’ Services will lead the development of a new internet strategy aimed at dramatically improving the BC Government’s web presence. The strategy will define the broad vision of the citizen experience of the BC Government on the web, including:

? Look, feel, findability and search

? Citizen-facing online and mobile services

? Corporate infrastructure investment

? Accessibility and standards

? Fresh and meaningful content

? Strategic partnerships with service providers

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