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In October, Health Services Minister Kevin Falcon told CKNW he personally thinks anyone who is working with "government dollars or contracts" should undergo a criminal record check. The minister made that statement after it was revealed the Fraser Health Authority put someone who had been convicted of defrauding a non-profit society in charge of a $9 million budget. So will that personal conviction become policy now that the former bureaucrat is one of the three individuals who are facing charges in connection with an alleged scheme to personally benefit from the province's troubled eHealth project? Not so much it seems, judging by what Minister Falcon had to say on Thursday.


Do you believe that employers cannot conduct criminal record checks of people in positions of trust? I do not. But, I also would not expect Kevin Falcon to admit that Tuesdays follow Mondays. These guys really count on the stupidity of those who listen when their mouths open.

I really like Kevin Falcon. But I don't think Gordon Campbell will say this about him: “B.C. will own the podium in the 21st Century because of the quality of people like”... Her Maryesty obviously, the Crown Princess.

Remember, Kevvy our little Josef K as MLA loudmouth really dug himself a deep hole last fall. Even the (lame) Speaker had to tell Kevvy to stop revving so much :-). Never a dull moment in BC Politics...

That's a "corporate" decision that would have to be made by government. A corporate decision!!! Since when did we go from a democracy to a shareholder organization whose over-riding obligation is to maximize profits? Oh, since 2001 when Gorgon Campbell took over. And, I do mean Gorgon.

No wonder the poor and disadvantaged are being cast overboard as fast as they can, given the sinking economic ship. Whatever happened to "give us your tired, your poor, your..." ? Not in this movie.

Oh, the Freudian slip!

Kevin Falcon... the motormouth that just keeps giving. I fully expect Kevvy to retire to CKNW and wake people up.

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