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The Campbell administration must think you're stupid because only an idiot would buy the spin it put on two bad news announcements last week. Example one: over the past year, the province's welfare rolls have grown by 15 percent. So the government has decided to partly bankroll those additional costs by cutting other services for low-income and disabled British Columbians. But the government tried to sell that decision on Thursday by sending out an information bulletin under the headline, "Province Protects Services for Low-Income British Columbians." Can you believe it? Well, I can because that was the second time the government tried to pull a fast one in as many days.

Example two: the harmonized sales tax has become known in some quarters as the hated sales tax. So, on Tuesday, Finance Minister Colin Hansen tried to buy it some love by announcing "every single dollar" from that tax would be earmarked for healthcare. But that's a simple-minded sales pitch. The reason: with the government estimating it will take in more than $39 billion in fiscal 2010/11, it doesn't matter how the province intends to pay its medical bills, just as long as those bills are paid.

But the fact the Campbell administration thought you'd be taken-in by those spin jobs is insulting - saying more about the intelligence of those running the government than your own.


Don't worry, under the Polak Admin in 2013, all press releases will be written by a former member of the media who uses social media too.

Watching Hansen on Voice of BC I can only believe he will say anything to push the party line

If bs were music, the BC Liberal party would be the New York Philharmonic. This flimflam shows how little respect our current provincial government has for the electorate. They have long exceeded their best-before date.

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