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The provincial government's Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games tourism advertisement had nary a hint of comedy or sex - unless you count Kim Cattrall. But that didn't stop it from placing ninth this week on Advertising Age's top ten viral video ads chart. According to the chart, the advertisement - which also features celebrities Michael J. Fox, Ryan Reynolds, Erick McCormack, Steve Nash and Sarah McLachlan - has so far attracted 474,591 views.


I'd love to know how many of the celebrities used live/vote in Canada or even use Canadian passports.

If you look at the celebrity shots, they were probably "green screen", as in, the background added after the celebrity footage - which could have been shot anywhere in a film studio and sent in for post production. Not that there is anything wrong with the process or the ads, they are very nice. I noticed it the first time I saw the ads. BTY, I worked in television for a while, with current technology, that's what I would have done. No point flying celebrities to a local studio.

Don't you deserve your own "You Gotta Be Here" ad along w/ @GracieStyle and @BCLobbyist and @MaryPolak :-)!

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