Beth be gone!

Yesterday, the head of the civil service announced there will be further bloodletting at Shared Services BC, which took a beating during the government's first two rounds of workforce adjustments. But it president and chief executive officer Beth James won't be around for those cuts. She's been shuffled out to head up the government's new wood innovation centre. The following is a complete copy of the internal emails announcing that change.

To: SSBC All Staff
Subject: Message from Kim Henderson, Deputy Minister to All SSBC Staff

Today the Deputy Minister to the Premier made some announcements on executive changes. As part of those changes Beth James has been asked to take on the role of Associate Deputy Minister, Wood Innovation Centre with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. I would like to thank Beth for her contribution to Shared Services BC and wish her well in her new assignment.

Shared Services BC will now formally fall under my responsibilities as the Deputy Minister of Citizens' Services; and, I am pleased to let you know that Bert Phipps has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer for Shared Services BC. Bert Phipps has been a member of the BC Public Service for more than 30 years. He has served as ADM of the Corrections Branch for the past six years, a complex organization with more than 2000 employees at 67 worksites.

During his tenure at Corrections, Bert played a leading role in a major restructuring that included changes to all areas of Branch operations including the consolidation of correctional centres from twenty facilities to nine. More recently, with organizational health a major branch focus, Corrections has received the "heavy lifter" award from the Premier's Office in each of the past two years as the branch or division within government making the largest contribution to increases in the corporate engagement score. Enhanced systems have also been a priority of Bert's and Corrections is currently leading a multi-year systems project that that will benefit the broad justice sector. Bert is also well-versed in the management of capital projects as Corrections is currently teaming with SSBC to build new correctional centre capacity valued at $185M while completing $38M in accelerated capital projects. Bert and his wife of thirty years, Jennifer, have three children.

I am also pleased to let you know that Brad Grundy will be joining the ministry as the Executive Financial Officer supporting Citizens' Services, SSBC, the Public Service Agency and the Public Affairs Bureau. Brad has most recently been the Senior Financial Officer for the Ministry of Housing and Social Development where he was responsible for financial and administrative services. Brad joined the Provincial government in 1994 as a Home Owner Grant auditor after 5 years with the public accounting firm of Price Waterhouse. After a leave of absence to undertake a CUSO posting to El Salvador, Brad returned to government and worked in a number of ministries including Finance, Human Resources, Agriculture and Environment. Brad is both a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Internal Auditor and has a business degree from Simon Fraser University.

More detailed bios on Bert and Brad can be found on the intranet sites.

I know that in SSBC many of you have been very much engaged in the transformation plan, and that many of these changes take effect on April 1st with the change in the budget model, some key business processes, and a change in our approach to integrated planning. We look forward to meeting with many of you over the coming weeks to learn more about these changes and how we can ensure continued momentum.

Bert and Brad and the entire executive committee look forward to working with all of you on the strategic priorities for our ministry.

Kim Henderson
Deputy Minister
Ministry of Citizens' Services


Sent: Thursday, March 4, 2010 3:51 PM
To: SSBC All Staff
Subject: Message to All SSBC Staff

Good Afternoon,

Today it was announced that I'll be leaving Shared Services BC for a new assignment at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, effective immediately. When I arrived almost one year ago we faced an incredible challenge. In the face of fiscal pressures, we were to transform SSBC, streamlining for efficiencies and improving customer service.

No small task indeed.

We took on this challenge together, working collaboratively, and are now seeing the result of our efforts. We now have an integrated organization, a new leadership team, a new funding model and we're ready to launch some significant new business processes. I'm so proud of what we have achieved.

The incomparable dedication of staff throughout the organization has driven our success. I'm confident that, through your leadership, you will continue to achieve our vision and will lead the way delivering integrated core services to the Province, at the lowest cost. I'd like to especially thank my Executive team, a stellar group of professionals whose expertise and camaraderie has made this past year an incredible working experience.

Bert Phipps will be taking over the role of Chief Operating Officer at SSBC. I hope you will join me in welcoming him. I know you will continue to work with the same level of dedication, under his guidance, as you have with me over the past year.

I want to sincerely thank all of you for your dedication, hard work and support. Best wishes as you work through the next phases of transformation.

Beth James

President and CEO
Shared Services BC

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