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The provincial government has created a new deputy minister-level position in the premier's office with responsibility for energy and clean technology. Robin Junger, the head of British Columbia's environmental assessment office, has been named to that position and charged with meeting the Campbell administration's throne speech commitment to turn the province into a green energy powerhouse. This, according to an email distributed by the premier's deputy minister Allan Seckel less than a hour ago.

The following is a complete copy of that email, in which Mr. Seckel announces the president and chief executive officer of the BC Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games secretariat Phil Steenkamp is now the top bureaucrat at the ministry of advanced education and labour market development. Ms. Steenkamp takes over from Robin Ciceri, who left government last year to become the principle lobbyist for British Columbia's research universities.


From: Seckel, Allan PREM:EX
Sent: Thu Mar 04 15:38:19 2010
Subject: Deputy Minister Announcements

Colleagues, today I am announcing some changes to our Deputy Minister assignments.

First, as the work of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Secretariat will begin to wind down and transition over the coming months, I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to Philip Steenkamp on behalf of our entire Executive team for his commitment to making the Games and the provincial role in them so successful. I am pleased to advise that his next assignment will be as Deputy Minister, Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development effective April 5, 2010. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Lorne Brownsey for having led the Ministry over the past several months as Acting Deputy Minister.

Beth James has agreed to establish and lead the Wood Innovation Centre as Associate Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. As you know, building the Centre is a Throne Speech commitment intended to build on BC's expertise and global reputation as a leader in wood construction, engineered wood products and design, and Beth's project management experience will be invaluable to its success. Bert Phipps will assume the leadership at Shared Services BC as the Chief Operating Officer, reporting to Kim Henderson. Bert has an extensive background in operations in an environment that is heavily reliant on both facilities and technology. I thank him for taking on this important role.

Robin Junger has been appointed Deputy Minister, Energy and Clean Technology, Office of the Premier, effective March 8th. As a priority of this government mentioned in the recent Throne Speeches, Robin will coordinate and lead the work to meet the goal of making BC a Green Energy Powerhouse. I also want to thank Robin for his leadership of the EAO over the past years as it has reviewed and considered many projects important to the economy and environment of BC. John Mazure will lead the Environmental Assessment Office as acting Executive Director.

Please join me in congratulating Philip, Robin, Beth and Bert on their new appointments.


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Why would the Wood Innovation Centre be part of Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure? I hope he meant to say Ministry of Forests... otherwise, wtf?

Also, his paragraph structure sucks. He needs an editor.

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