A satisfactory answer?

The ministry of housing and social development will no longer be asking British Columbians how satisfied they are with the regulation of the province's gaming industry. The government announced it would annually tracking that satisfaction rate in 2006 as part of an attempt to ensure the industry operates with "integrity and accountability." That number has consistently reflected poorly on government. For example, in fiscal 2008/09, just 30 percent said they were satisfied. But the ministry has said it dumped that performance measure in its most recent service plan because it didn't say anything about why British Columbians were dissatisfied.


Al least the government is now being consistent. First, before passing legislation on many topics it did not consult with those who would tell the government what it didn't want to hear. Now, it is dismissing public concerns about gambling by leaving the public out of its surveys.

First the Attorney General ditching it's survey on how satisfied people are with the justice system and now this?!

Shame on you British Columbia for electing (sorta) these buffoons.

We couldn't be arsed to ask WHY you're dissatisfied, so we're just going to stop asking at all.

That's the sort of logic even my 2-year-old can poke through.

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