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Finance Minister Colin Hansen has said he doesn't know exactly how many bureaucrats will be getting pink slips in the coming fiscal years. But what we do know is that, in the past six months, the government has supersized its plans to downsize the civil service. According to budget documents released today, the number of full-time equivalent positions in government is projected to have decreased 3,373 to 28,501 between 2008/09 and 2011/12. When pressed about how much of that reduction will be layoffs, the finance minister said, "I don't think you can put a precise number on it" because some of it will happen through natural attrition. Nevertheless, the shakeup will be more violent than expected. In September, it was projected the number of positions in government would decrease by just 1,083 over the same time period. The following is a complete copy of those differing projections.

September budget update 2009/10 - 2011/12 full-time equivalents

2008/09 - 31,874
2009/10 - 31,747 (or 32,017 including incremental FTEs for direct fire fighting)
2010/11 - 31,391
2011/12 - 30,791

Budget and fiscal plan 2010/11 - 2012/13 full-time equivalents

2008/09 - 31,874
2009/10 - 31,284
2010/11 - 30,096
2011/12 - 28,501
2012/13 - 27,732


I figure hansen doesn't know much about anything. No defecit was the linhe used even when everyone else knew he was blowing smoke. His latest "guestimate" for a defecit should be taken with a grain of salt. He mouthes what Gordo wants him to mouth. Looking dumb doesn't seem to bother him as he likes the salary and the perks

Sean, with all due respect you're not showing us how many government employees are at the acting manager level and above.

A FOI request I'd LOVE to see would be the number (broken down by ministry) of managers, acting managers, directors, acting directors, executive directors, acting executive directors, CEO's, CIO's, CFO's, deputy ministers, acting deputy ministers, ADM's, acting ADM's and what ever sexy new titles they've made up for themselves.

And while I, a lowly tax paying citizen of this province, is fantasizing about ever being able to have easy access to government information I'd also love to know how many of them have no direct reports. That has never rec'd any coverage, and I've never understood why. For example, if someone is a 'director' standard business practice says they should have a number of managers reporting to them and so on and so on...

The next question I'd ask about the bloated executive ranks is how many of them don't even have a high school diploma? Yes. Yes that is a more than valid question. How many of them have a degree that is relevant to their position? So for example an executive director or IT with a P.E. degree wouldn't count.

And finally, with all the stories of resume fraud and fake degrees, has anyone ever asked if the government verifies that these people even hold the degrees they claim? The ones that finished high school that is?

Sean, all snipping aside - this is a story waiting to happen. I personally know of more than a few directors that barely finished high school.

I would love to see a list like that also. It is amazing how many disfunctional directors I've come across in my travels. They seemed to get shuffled up the ladder for some strange reason. Whereas the intelligent, hard working types that play by the rules get laid off. Speaking from experience of course...

victrocity - the public service commission has created a listing like this in the past. They can produce this easily and have done so in the past. I've personally seen an excel spreadsheet about 5 years ago listing all the various levels of non-unionized staff with a head count per level per ministry and how it had changed over a period of time.

The copy I have is no longer a useful report as ministries have shuffled so much since then.

Mind you, I've never seen anything that addresses education, and considering that it's a part of the hiring process, I bet you it's tracked.

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