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The attorney general's ministry has killed an annual survey that, last year, showed British Columbians have an embarrassingly low opinion of the justice system. According to that survey, in fiscal 2008/09, just 44 percent expressed a "great deal or quite a lot" of confidence in that system. And, when asked about the criminal courts, only:

* 11 percent thought they did a good job of providing justice quickly;
* 13 percent thought they did a good job of helping the victim;
* 26 percent thought they did a good job of determining whether or not the accused is guilty; and
* 49 percent thought they did a good job of ensuring a fair trial for the accused;

The government has been using those measures as "key indicator" of the justice system's effectiveness. But, as a result of belt-tightening, the ministry killed the $15,000 opinion poll. That means it won't find out what British Columbians think about the justice system until 2013, when the federal government releases the results of similar countrywide survey that's conducted every five years.

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See? This is what happens when you fire all the consultants. They'd advise AG to merely copy the process used to ... what's an appropriate word?... mangle?... manipulate?... schmoosh?... the unfavourable data that comes in every year from the government employee survey results.

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