Betting on defeat

With the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games over, it will politics as usual in British Columbia come Monday morning. But if the New Democrats continue to behave as they have in the past, they might not have much hope of winning the next election. Since Carole James became leader, the party has repeatedly bet on the Liberals defeating themselves. And, with the Basi-Virk trial coming up, there's even more of an incentive for the New Democrats to make such a wager. But think about how demoralizing it must be to have your chances of electoral success almost entirely dependent on the government's failure - especially when those bets haven't paid off in the past.

Despite the premier's drunk driving charge, despite a police raid on the legislature and despite dozens of other snafus and scandals. So here's my analysis: if the New Democrats want to have any hope of toppling the government they need to do more than just get out of its way during this legislative session. They need to start presenting British Columbians with an alternative policy agenda that goes beyond the kind of milquetoast motherhood statements they've made in the past.

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Let's be honest the BCNDP is the New Defeat Party. They always hope for defeat of BC liberty, the BCLibs and the economy. Why someone as smart as Lana Popham runs with them, I dunno. I also don't know why anybody who is pro-business could ever sit with those people.

My advice to the BCNDP: Get positive, support business/free markets and also support accountability. You went far left in the wrong spots and moderate to right in the wrong spots, time for new leadership.

Unless you just want Gordon Campbell to be Premier for life, that is.

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