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In its recent speech from the throne, the provincial government announced a "new" $180-million integrated case management system that will help "deliver better front-line services and supports to women, children, income assistance recipients and those most vulnerable." But what the government didn't mention is that - as first reported the Times Colonist's Rob Shaw - the system has been in development for the past four years and will cost $73.7 million more than originally anticipated. Nor did the speech mention implementing it will "span several years," according to an email sent to ministry of children and family development staff and obtained by Public Eye. And what exactly does "several years" mean?

Well, according to a government spokesperson, it means five years - with phase one taking place in late 2010 and phase five completing in early 2015. The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned email.


From: Gabitous, Jason MCF:EX
Sent: Wed 24/02/2010 2:25 PM
To: MCF All Exchange mailboxes
Subject: Integrated Case Management Project Announcement

Sent on behalf of Mark Sieben

I am very pleased to inform you that the Integrated Case Management (ICM) Project is ready to move forward with the design and implementation of a new system within MCFD and MHSD.

The implementation of this new system is a key component of our practice change here at MCFD as it will provide the technical foundation to support our new practices.

Implementation will span several years with an early focus on providing functionality that supports our front line workers and streamlines the way we do our work. We have entered into a long term agreement with Deloitte Inc. to provide systems integration services and have signed a contract to work with us to design and implement the new system.

During the next few months, staff representatives will be participating in workshops to help design and prepare for implementation of the new system.

More information on the project and how you can get involved will be coming out over the coming weeks and months and I look forward to updating you as this exciting initiative moves forward.

If you have any questions about ICM, please feel free to contact Gina Pala, or the Executive Lead, Jill Kot, Assistant Deputy Minister, ICM.

Mark Sieben
Chief Operating Officer

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