Should we now pay our MLAs with peanuts?

Despite British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union concerns, a government project that will pay bureaucrats with "pop, chips, candy and Red Bull" rather than paycheques is going ahead. Earlier, we exclusively told you the government was encouraging civil service computer programmers to volunteer for that project - "an original app for the citizens of BC." By Monday, that scheme seemed to have been derailed as a result of "rising concern expressed by the Union and individuals." But, yesterday, it was announced the project will be proceeding as "originally planned" because of the "overwhelming positive response from the staff." The following is a complete copy of that email.

Sent: Wed 24/02/2010 4:15 PM

I have another RAD update for you all. Please direct your questions / comments to the Spark Blog:

UPDATE - Meeting Next week

After reviewing the overwhelming positive response from staff to this project we have decided to proceed as originally planned. We'd like to stress that participation in this project is completely voluntary. A meeting will be scheduled for next week. Everyone that was on the original invite list will be included - if you weren't on the list but want to attend, please send a note to:



Roses & chocolate & Red Bull & jet fuel for the one from Langley. Plus Jetstream DVD set.

Wine, fine wine for the one from Fort Langley.

Hot chocolate to the Premier.

Smart pills to BCNDP. No exceptions.

Ha, ha, ha.

Seriously, happy this program is workin'.

This is simply unbelievable!

How long before they seek 'volunteers' for other government work, like accounting work, handling FOI requests, designing bridges, handling children at risk?

A bad idea all around.

Bud, clearly you haven't submitted a FOI request lately! :)

And in all seriousness I again have to bemoan the fact that the employees of the BC Government aren't being represented by a Union.

Bub, Martin your demonization of innovation is why the BCNDP and like-minded souls will never truly defeat the Campbell-Polak BCLiberal team. Please, it's good that gov't bureaucrats have no union - when they do, they bankrupt the jurisdiction slowly but they do.

Josef K, there's an old saying: you get what you pay for. If they don't pay anything for production computer code, then they will deserve the hopeless piece of unsupportable junk they will get from it. This has nothing to do with demonizing innovation, the union, the NDP, or your precious princess Polak (P3?), for that matter.

If they value what government employees produce, they should pay for it. Alternatively, I'm sure there are lots of private sector folks out there who would do the work for fair market value.

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