An infrequent frequency

An infrequent frequency

Three years ago, children and family development deputy minister Lesley du Toit promised she would be "fully transparent" about plans to transform her department. Now, as we previously reported, she's refusing to give any further personal briefings to the government's independent child protection watchdog about a massive effort to overhaul the way the province's children are protected. So we thought it might also be worth noting the ministry hasn't publicly posted a copy of it's so-called Transformation Update newsletter since February 21, 2007. This, despite the fact the page promoting that newsletter - which was developed to keep key ministry stakeholders "up to date on our progress and direction" - encourages readers to "check back frequently." Fancy that!


Thank you Sean for confirming a hunch I have that Lesely is the problem in MCFD and must go. Let Mary Polak put her Langley libertarian, small city, glowing heart stamp on things on her way to greater glory :-).

At least the media gallery is updated with new pics. Gosh, you'd think after the Public Eye rests itself upon the MCFD, they'd take action.

Perhaps they need reminding who their boss is... Madame Integrity herself!

Polak might be the puppet sitting as Minister, but Gordo does the hiring and firing. when the ehat gets toomuch for him, both her and the deputy will find themselves without a job

Mary Polak a puppet? Huh? She stood up to Heather Stillwell and got in tolerance for gays as well as community peace in Surrey against fierce protest with months of noble peacemaking.

Polak a puppet? Huh? It was Polak who told the Premier some of us BCLibs had to go after them BCNDP smears... and we took the fight to them on her wings of glory last spring.

Mary Polak is the kind of gal you want on your hockey team or the Canucks to save them from themselves :-). Mary Polak can always write a good tell-all about her public service and retire on some nice ranch in Langley while sitting on some corporate boards as well as live off the book royalties (Judith Reid, anyone?). Rockette Polak doesn't need to seek dangerous assignments as MLA - but she does and greater glory to her!

The problem isn't Lesley, it starts at the Premiers office. Child Protection is more complicated than sound bits and Yellow Brick roads. You can't have an outsider come in and "fix it". You need to lay the ground work, build systems and stay the course, something the Liberals or the NDP have not been able to do. The premier and many ministers have been looking for a quick fix without understanding the implications. Lesley has a point of view that has not been weathered by the rough and tumble of BC politics. When the $%#^%#% hits the fan, this will change and we will spend another 4 or 5 years recovering from this lost time.
What amazes me is that more than a dozen children known to the Ministry have been killed and seriously injured by their parent or caregiver and the public has been effectively kept in the dark. What equally amazes me is that Lesley and the Libs have had an easy ride for more than 4 years and they completely wasted it.
I hope that METL (The Representative) isn't holding her breath for an update, staff in the Ministry Headquarters know less than some of you.

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