Follow the yellow brick road!

We might not understand practice change - children and family development deputy minister's Lesley du Toit's massive effort to overhaul the way children are protected in British Columbia. But her political boss Mary Polak does. In an interview with Public Eye, Ms. Polak said when she put in charge of the ministry "we initially did not have any effective way of communicating what practice change was to anybody who didn't carry a PhD with them. So as soon as I had my briefing on practice change, Lesley and I began talking about how we could do that - how could we represent it in a way so people would understand how it is being accomplished and what it is."

"That's how we developed the products map. And we're continuing on in expanding what you can get on the intranet so that anybody who goes on the intranet can actually put their mouse over different products on the map and see where those things are. If they're completed they can actually download the product and if they're not sure what the terminology is, they roll their mouse over it and an expanded information piece come up."

The following is a complete copy of that map, which was released in October. The second page of the document is a so-called placemat that "highlights some of the key steps" in the practice change process, according to a transformation update message authored by Ms. du Toit. The placemat and product map are known to some as the yellow brick road document.

Practice change products map


1) Good, you got colour Sean.

2) Greater glory for and to Polak for TACAMO - TAking Charge And Moving Out :-).

3) Almost oops, TACAMO to you too Sean. I see the Polyompitics are ongoing :-). Go for gold :-)!

I'm sure the children and families living in poverty will be delighted to learn that a 'product roadmap' available on the government INTRAnet comes with mouse-over help. Hopefully this will allow them to affect real change in their miserable circumstances, even if they don't have a PHD.

Sad part is you just know someone put that down as an employment accomplishment on their review.

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