Love game

Love game

"I'm going to be attending the curling - preliminary curling - which I think was $64 dollars a ticket. My husband and I are going. I paid for those. And I'll be attending the closing ceremonies. I think our tickets are $310. Again, we paid for those ourselves - for my husband and I. And then I'll be going to the opening ceremonies for the Paralympics as well." That's what provincial New Democrat leader Carole James told reporters when asked about her 2010 Winter Olympic Games plans on February 8. So how did she manage to attend yesterday's Olympic hockey game between Finland and Belarus - as seen in this photograph snapped one of our readers (see upper right)? Well, speaking with Public Eye, caucus communications director Sara Goldvine said the tickets to that game were a surprise Valentine's Day present from her husband Albert Gerow. Awww...!


So how did the BCNDP leader turn into an Olympics fan?

Inquiring minds want to know.

I thought BCNDP hated Olympics.

One wonders who paid for the tickets for Gordo as he was making a big fool of himself waving a big flag back and forth at the medal event a couple of days ago.OR jumping in front of ever camera in sight. And who paid for all those made in China mittens that showed up at the ledg, on everyones seat? ( it seems local companies were not making any money on such stuff) I'm no fan of Carole James but if her answer is plausable , what's the big deal as long as I'm not paying her way into the circus events.
This may be business opportunities but the little guys arn't in the mix. As an aside. A local grocery store here in Esquimalt( Country Grocery) was selling a red sweater with GO Canada on it for 20 bucks. I asked the manager where were they made? Just up the street by a local guy,( and he named the small guy who had designed and made them) We are local and we support other local businesses. Wasn't that supposed to be the deal, support local small companies that hire BC folks? Silly me

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