Coal mining canary silent

When the Campbell administration announced it was banning mining, as well as oil and gas development, in the Flathead Valley, the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia blasted the government for showing a "a lack of respect for our permitting, environmental assessment, and land use planning processes in British Columbia and Canada." Eastfield Resources Ltd. and MAX Resources Corp. have also been critical of the ban, announcing they'll be seeking compensation for lost business opportunities. But the party the public hasn't heard from yet is Cline Mining Corp., whose controversial Lodgepole Coal Project is "presumably dead" as a result of the government's decision. This, according to Mineweb's Dorothy Kosich. So we contacted the company's vice-president and chief financial officer Ernest Cleave to see what he thought about that decision.

"I officially don't have a position so I guess I'll leave that to the CEO to decide," he responded.

So will Cline be commenting on the ban? "I don't know. I'll just leave it at that."

As for whether the government has contacted the company about the issue of compensation, Mr. Cleave said, "I can't say."

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