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The provincial government wants to know if you think photo radar would be effective in reducing speed and crashes on British Columbia's roads. But its only motivation for asking that question is curiosity. In an email sent to Public Eye, a public safety and solicitor general spokesperson stated, "There is no discussion within the ministry to bring back photo radar and government is not considering bringing back photo radar." In fact, according to the spokesperson, that question was just part of an annual effort to "survey to gain drivers' input into the seriousness of risk factors, driving behaviours, and effectiveness of traffic enforcement interventions."

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Riigghhtt. Like what discussions may or may not be happening within the ministry matter at all. All that matters is what is discussed between the most senior levels of the bureaucracy and the key members of Cabinet and/or the Premier's office, discussed only within the Liberal Cabinet or, most importantly, within the Premier's inner circle and/or his office.

With the above in mind, and the Fiberals' unbelieveable claims about there not being any discussions within government about the deficit being larger than $495 million maximum or the introduction of the HST just prior to or during the election, I find it incredibly hard to believe any comments (particularly denials) they are now making about the reintroduction of photo radar.

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