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"It's a cash grab...It hasn't increased safety on the streets of British Columbia." That's what premier-elect Gordon Campbell said in 2001 just before acting on a campaign promise to scrap the province's photo radar program. He kept that commitment over the objections of municipal politicians and police chiefs. So it may surprise you to learn his government is now asking what you think about photo radar.

Here's what's happened: during last week's speech from the throne, the Campbell administration announced it would be making significant changes to reduce dangerous driving and improve public safety. It didn't say what those changes will be.

But I've since learned the ministry of public safety and solicitor general has hired a polling firm to ask British Columbians about road safety issues - including how effective they think photo radar would be in reducing speed and crashes in British Columbia.

So why would they ask that question unless the Liberals are considering rebuilding the program they scrapped to earn some cheap political capital nine years ago?

The following is a complete copy of that polling question, which is being posed by NRG Research Group Inc. and was exclusively obtained by Public Eye.


Now I'd like to ask a question about automated speed enforcement. It uses a camera to photograph vehicles travelling at dangerous speeds. The photos are then reviewed and violation notices are mailed to their vehicle owner. Overall, how effective would you say this type of system would be in reducing speed and crashes in B.C.? Would you say very effective, somewhat effective, somewhat ineffective or very ineffective?


Gordo says a lot of things. remember the referendum against treaties? Gordo went to court to argue against the Nisg'a treaty Want's treaties at any cost. Now with a change of direction he is spouting off about new reconsiliation. Alberta seems to manage photo radar and folks seldom hear about it. Many different coutries have photo radar. So Gordo is thinking( if that's the right word for how his brain works) for some way to get photo radar back and still not look stupid,( which is pretty hard as he sure is stupid). Just my opinion of course.

I don't think Gordo is stupid, certainly arrogant, but not stupid. It must be a challenge for him to go back on something when he is so certain he is right. He's looking for ways to go back on a decision and make it look like it's not his doing. But then, it it's a popular decision, after all, he'll make sure we all know it was his doing. Arrogant, conniving, 2 faced - but not stupid.

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