Through rain, snow and elective surgery

Two days after he was named British Columbia's acting freedom of information and privacy commissioner, Paul Fraser went into elective surgery. But Mr. Fraser - who is also the province's conflict of interest commissioner - said that surgery hasn't affected his ability to do either job. Speaking with Public Eye, he said, "I tore my rotator cuff a little over a year ago. And it needed to be reattached. So I've been waiting in line to get that done for all the months that it takes to have first a CAT scan, then a MRI and the rest of it. As it turned out, I was slated to have that surgery finally on January 27."

"I determined, you may say selfishly," he deadpanned, "that I was not going to wait another 11 months - that I would go ahead and have the operation which is done arthroscopically. I'm not craving sympathy here. But it's not a hangnail. It's more significant then that."

"But I was in and out of the hospital in a couple days. And I can still read and my mind seems reasonably clear. In fact, I've been reading so much that my lips are tired," Mr. Fraser joked. "The pain has now abated, thank you for asking. And it looks like the operation was a success. And it was one of those elective bits of surgery that you wait forever for and you don't want to put off."

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