A studious response

The premier appeared to give a non-answer today when asked whether he'll be making dramatic changes to the way the province's school districts are governed. Earlier, we reported Gordon Campbell has been musing about whether it makes sense to have 60 school boards. That musing didn't make it into the throne speech today. Although the speech did promise "significant reforms" will be made to modernize British Columbia's education system - including spending less on administrative costs and placing a "new emphasis" on parental involvement. But when asked directly whether he'll be amalgamating or eliminating school boards, this what the premier said: "We're going to be working on improving school boards across the province and really what we're focusing on is individual students...." You can see the full response for yourself in this recording of the premier's post-throne speech secret scrum.

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I was thinking the Premier was going to be a bit more blunt. Let's see what he does, if he sticks around...

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