What the federal arm and provincial arm are doing

Yesterday, federal New Democrat MP Denise Savoie questioned Stephen Harper's plan to appear before the provincial legislature, stating, "I guess I would prefer it if he were speaking to the members of parliament in Ottawa rather than addressing the provincial legislature." But how do the provincial New Democrats feel about the prime minister coming to the Rockpile? Asked about the matter, Opposition House Leader Mike Farnworth said, "First off, we haven't heard anything even remotely official about the prime minister addressing the legislature. And second, you can't just come in and address the legislature. You can't do that. No one can. The only people who can speak in the house are the 85 members who are elected there and the lieutenant governor...So in order to speak you'd need to have the approval of the members of the house." So would the New Democrats give that approval?

Speaking only for himself, Mr. Farnworth said, "If - and this is purely speculative - if there is a request for the prime minister to address the house I would say, 'Yes. Absolutely. He's the prime minister of the country.' That would be what I would say. But, having said that, I can tell you no one's asked us. It's just all rumours flying around."

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