Warm up speech

Here's a scoop: Public Eye has confirmed Prime Minister Stephen Harper is scheduled to address the British Columbia legislature next week, just as the 2010 Winter Olympic Games are getting underway. We're hearing conflicting stories about exactly when that speech will take place. But, with the legislature only sitting for three days - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - there are limited options. The more interesting question, though, is what will the prime minister say?


Well I know he won't say anything nice about the press, Mary Polak or the BC NDP in his speech. I know he'll toast Gordon Campbell just to hear the collective screams of socialists throughout BC and groans of his new communications star Sara MacIntyre!

Why would Harper speak to the Bc Legislature? There is no upside for him unless of course he announces civilian accountability for the RCMP.

I'm sure PMSH loves his own voice.

I'm sure there are many fans of PMSH who will give him moral support.

I'm also sure he'll have a 20 megapixel camera there and a 1080i HD camcorder record his speech.

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