Running away from their problems?

Life has certainly moved on at Shared Services BC, the office hardest hit by the government's second round of workforce adjustments. Last week, its president and chief executive officer Beth James announced 60 individuals had received layoff notices. But, this week, Ms. James is promoting the office's participation in the Times Colonist 10K. Their team name: "SSBC Transformers." The following is a complete copy of that email.

From: James, Beth SSBC:EX
Sent: Tuesday, February 2, 2010 8:10 AM
Subject: Message from President and CEO

Good morning,

I am sure many of you have started noticing droves of people, in parks and on sidewalks, training for the Times Colonist 10K. I'm really excited this year we'll have our own SSBC team - so we need to get out there soon too!

Thanks to all of you who submitted suggestions for our intranet "Name That Team" challenge. Thanks to Kirsten McCaig we are now known as the SSBC Transformers.

Race day is April 25th, but we suggest you register early. We'll cover half of your early bird registration fee so visit our intranet for those details and sign up before February 14th.

We have a few folks who have kindly offered to lead some running and walking clinics during the lunch hours leading up to the big day. I know I speak for all of Executive when I say we're looking forward to joining in some of those activities. Again, look for those details online.

This is a great opportunity and something fun we can all do together. Let's give those other teams a run for their money!

Beth James

President and CEO
Shared Services BC

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April 25th? That will be just about departure day for those who get the axe in the next wave of cuts at Scared Services BC, rumoured for March 31.

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