Pieces of the puzzlement

Yesterday, Mary Polak repeatedly said she "perplexed" by the children and youth representative's statement that her ministry had stopped directly responding to recommendations made by the watchdog. In fact, by our count, the Children and Family Development Minister used that word 11 times during the entire 16 minute scrum - nine minutes of which is available on Public Eye. So that's a lot of confusion in a very short period of time.


So what, Sean? I was too. By the attention-starved "advocate" smearing Langley's Mrs. Napoleon.

I've also noticed the BCNDP twitterheads are RT'ing this thing as if somehow this is a great day for the BCNDP. Nice try, you New Desperado Party!

It's obvious their puppet "advocate" is the problem, unless there's documentation to the contary. Obviously she knows the way to e-mail that to Sean for posting online. No wonder Langley's Miz Napoleon is "perplexed" by all of this sillyness & BCNDP twitterstorm.

Now I have work to do, sorry.

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