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British Columbia's child protection watchdog said today the ministry of children and family development has stopped directly responding to the recommendations in her reports. Instead, the ministry will only respond to those recommendations through a committee of MLAs responsible for children and youth issues. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond made the revelation while speaking to that committee, later telling reporters the government hasn't given her any rationalization for that decision. "Perhaps it's an evolutionary thing?" she speculated. "But an agency like mine - where we really look at these sensitive issues in the child welfare system - we have to have engagement. If the response is, we rejected the recommendation that's been made that's fine. They're entitled to have a response. It's just I need a response of some kind from them so I can move forward..."


Not to point fingers since I don't have all the facts but this is NOT the Mary Polak I advocated for, stuck up for and made YouTubes for. That Mary Polak kicked serious butt and had Mach Two Attitude. Not to mention cared for kids and was a B.C. Gladiator a) for freedom against socialism and b) A Good Government Guru.

So to Her Maryesty Mary Polak: "Rockette, plug in the burner. Remind BC why you are a leader. Do it now."

Sean, I saw Mary's reply and spoke too soon. Happy to see that Rockette Polak back, situational awareness and all. But she really needs to plug in the afterburner. Josef

Mary Polak spent 9 minutes talking about her agencies "response" to Turpel-Lafond's reports, and by the end of that "perplexing" meander through the chambers of her brain, we find out that basically, MCFD has prepared an excel spreadsheet.

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