Stamps of disapproval

The appointment of outspoken social conservative Heather Stilwell to the B.C. College of Social Workers's board of directors has triggered a facebook-organized, letter-writing campaign. On Monday, Public Eye broke the news Children and Family Development Minister Mary Polak had seated Ms. Stilwell, a long-time political ally, on that board. And now, at publication time, 115 people have agreed to participate in a campaign to "tell the media that we object to this partisan appointment" by writing letters to local and provincial papers. Meanwhile, the opposition and the founding director of the University of Victoria's school of social worker have already raised concerns about that issue.


A total waste of time, and a totally silly act.

Mary Polak is the kind that when she's done recieving input, when she makes a decision a decision is a decision. It may not be smart, but it is a decision in her mind. I should know, I think generally the same way.

After all, many of these people just don't get that their screaming is a diversion. Not on their part, on Mary's part from the closure of EIBI, from the difficult budget decisions and to show the conservative wing of the BCLibs who's the tough guy - one hint, it ain't a fat one.

The world Polik shows up , and immediatly her supporter chimes in to let us know those folks concerned with a appointment are all wrong Polik is right and won't change her mind. Heck even WAC Bennett was known for his sober second thoughts. I tend to think the person who set up the Social Worker program might have more credibility when showing cponcern than some paid or unpaid hack

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