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Opposition legislators have raised concerns about Heather Stilwell, an outspoken social conservative, overseeing the regulatory body for British Columbia's social workers. Reached on vacation in Hawaii, children and family development critic Maurine Karagianis stated, "She's going to have to really strive to put aside some of her past alliances and public positions on some issues and just make sure that whatever she's doing is about the doing the best job for the position she currently holds."

"And she's going to have to perhaps set aside some of her more ultra-conservative views because she now holds a position that affects a profession that deals with vulnerable children and families often in unorthodox situations."

Meanwhile, for his part, New Democrat MLA and former social worker Nicholas Simons said, "It just seems counterintuitive to appoint someone with such strong, clearly-stated views to a position where open-mindedness should be in the job description."


a) Maurine in Hawaii? Just out of touch and elitist as much as Gordon Campbell. Nice touch. Typical BCNDP.

b) Mary Polak is tough. She won't back down from a fight - there's a reason why there are Polakites out there lying the weeds. She also is a shrewd, calculating politician who calculates. Perhaps she wanted this provocation of the BCNDP by using Heather Stillwell to block and divert for her to break a big long run just as EIBI doors slam shut, the Olympics are coming and the new BC Budget is arriving with probably more unpleasant news...

Perhaps as well, not to cast aspersions on Sean here, but Mary either herself or through a shield leaked this to Sean over here to launch this daring (and unnecessary) diversion. Let's remember... Mary was a (shudder) pollster in a previous life and is a swashbuckler today.

So my MLA is on holidays.What's wrong with that? Booth she and Nick are quite aware of the woman's past connections.I'm still wondering why Gordo gace Polik a ministerial position as the lady just isn't credible, but then she doesn't have to be because her deputy reports to Gordo not to her. She has to smile and go along with the flow or will be in the back benches

Oh, Avoter, your MLA and others attack Gordon Campbell for his holidays and vacations. Now they're just hypocrites.

Also Mary Polak is Christy Clark, v 2.0. Just as grungy, tough, charming, mavericky, one of the warriors, and witty as the 1.0... only slightly more right wing with respectfully slightly better hair.

Obviously you must realize Gordon Campbell pulled her out of Surrey and may want her to succeed him. After all when the stuff hits the fan, she steps up.

Dream on Josef K. Even Gordon isn't dumb enough to support the woman to take over power when he leaves or gets dumpped. Are you working for free for the minister from Surrey ? MLA's get time off and the house only sits when King Gordo wants it to sit. legislative shcedules that he brought into being don't seem to mee much to him. I rather doubt that my MLA will get picked up, blind drunk and driving on her time off. unlike another MLA we can mention. And mine actually shows up in the house when it is up and running unlike the other MLA I mentioned with the drunk driving record

Some comments, especially when read several times, aren't worth a point-by-point response. Especially when they're incoherent, call the Premier a King and bully the Premier over a DUI all reports show he's overcome.

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