A collegial atmosphere?

An outspoken social conservative will be overseeing the new body responsible for one of the province's most liberal professions - social workers. Children and Family Development Minister Mary Polak quietly appointed Heather Stilwell to the B.C. College of Social Workers's board of directors effective January 1. Ms. Stilwell, who was reportedly the minister's mentor when the two were Surrey school trustees, has impressive list of social conservative credentials including being leader of the federal Christian Heritage Party and the provincial Family Coalition Party.

She was also president of the anti-abortion Pro-Life Society of B.C. and the Alliance for Life Canada, as well as being a board member and western regional coordinator for Campaign Life.

As a school trustee, she supported limiting sex education and opposed condom machines and books featuring same-sex parents.

Minister Polak's predecessor Tom Christensen introduced the legislation that created the college in 2008. The college is charged with registering social workers, developing practice standards and investigating complaints about members of the profession.


A true pro-lifer would never have agreed to the cruel series of cuts that Mary Polak ordered, targetting supports for some of BC's most vulnerable children and parents, as one of her first acts as Children's Minister (after all, the pro-life argument is that society will help parents take care of all children brought into this world). And a true fiscal conservative would not be encouraging parents to bring children into this world whom they can't afford to raise entirely on their own.

So what does that make Mary Polak when, as the Children's Minister, she cites fiscal responsibility for cutting critical support programs and turns her back on struggling parents trying to raise some of the province's most challenging children?

Mary Polak will do whatever Gordo tells her to do. She may be a minister, but her deputy works for Gordo. He can get rid of her and her deputy when it suits him. The programs being cut hurt kids and families but that has never stopped Gordo before.

As the resident Polakite who would like Premier Mary Polak, I cringe at this. But then again, I am loyal to controversial mentors too.

Also maybe this is because I'm a young conservative, but I don't have a problem w/ social conservatives. I have a serious problem with social conservatism when it dissolves into bigotry & prejudice, and Heather Stillwell is part of the problem I hear.

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