Restaurateurs to be twice-baked?

Restaurateurs are already steamed at the Campbell administration over its decision to introduce a harmonized sales tax. But if the province really wanted to, it could turn up the heat even higher on their industry.

This week, New Brunswick hiked its minimum wage to ten dollars per hour - the kind of hike restaurateurs have lobbied against in British Columbia, which presently has the lowest minimum wage in the country. And, on Saturday, The Vancouver Sun's Larry Pynn revealed the province is considering requiring restaurants to post nutritional information about their meals - an initiative the industry reported defeated at the federal-level.

So I can't help but wonder if the Campbell administration will use these two pressure points to get restaurateurs to simmer down about the harmonized sales tax.

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Sean, are you suggesting that restauranteursshoudl quit complaining lest they be punished by their government? If so, what does this say about your view of the BC Liberals? Are they as vindictive as fascists?

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